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Diary of a Muslim Nobody

Poetic Reflections

Diary of a Muslim Nobody attempts to reach out to society as a whole, regardless of faith affiliations with the message of the commonality of the human experience.


‘The Resistance Range’ 

A creative collaboration between DiaryofaMuslimNobody (DMN) and Makgrafix.

Created to raise awareness and a response to the oppression of the Palestinian people and their identity through the appropriation of their culture & the on going theft of their land, their liberty, their lives & freedoms.

Crafted against the backdrop of witnessing generations of suffering through their on-going suppression, the designs incorporate the traditional Palestinian patterns of the olive leaf as camouflage print traditionally used in the keffiyeh as a sign of peace, the red triangle, symbolising both the watermelon and the blood spilt through their struggles, joined together to depict solidarity & unity.

Curated through love at the very centre of our drive and vision behind the collection, our homage to both the Palestinian love for life and the love felt towards them from around the world…

The DMN X Makgrafix collab aims to spread the message of the Palestinian right to exist through creative vision and investing profits into Palestinian projects and people through working both established organisations recognised for the work regarding the recognition of Palestine and where possible directly with the people of Palestine.



Official Charity Partner